Microchipping and Registering Your Pets Could Save Their Lives

The Volunteers of VAR just heard about a new Free Microchip Registry. http://www.freepetchipregistry.com/index.php

CLICK HERE to read about the co-founders inspiration for starting the free registry.

Are your pets microchipped and registered?  Pets are unfortunately lost everyday. Pets are more likely to come home within hours of being lost if they are microchipped and registered.  If someone finds your pet and takes it to a veterinarian or shelter, they scan your pet immediately to see if they are chipped and to whom they belong.

In Clark County over the last four years more than 85,000 animals were put to death in the shelters because they were unwanted or never found their way back to their owners because they were not microchipped and registered. The pet population in Clark County is very large because pet owners allow their animals to have offspring they do not want to keep, there are many more animals than homes to go around. The solution to this dilemma is easy:

1. Microchip and Register your pet   2. Have your pet spayed or neutered today

Just one unspayed female dog or cat can produce the following offspring:





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