Bella’s Story

bellarescuebella2In the Italian language “Bella” means “beautiful girl”…and that she was. Her story began three years ago as a lost and lonely pup at Lied Animal Shelter. The shelter had decided to euthanize her because her back legs were deformed. Luckily for Bella, Holly Andrews was there to offer her a forever home.

Bella was a blue, Pit-bull and Weimaraner mix. Since Holly had friends with The Las Vegas Weimaraner Club & Rescue she asked if they would be willing to help raise money to support her future medical care. In their efforts to help the LVWCR asked their friend Arica, owner of if she would take photographs of Bella so the community could see just how beautiful she was despite her deformities.

The LVWCR created the Bella Fund and many organizations in the community supported their efforts to raise money for Bella to have reconstructive surgery on her back legs. Barking Dogs Bakery & Boutique had a Valentine’s Fundraiser for Bella. Many people paid to have their picture taken with Bella. She truly loved her party and so did her new found friends.

Unfortunately the reconstructive surgery Bella needed would cost over $8000 and even with all the fundraising efforts we only raised around $1300. Yet, Bella’s Fund did help cover her medical visits and boo boos when needed. As time went on Bella’s legs became stronger. She wasn’’t perfect, but she was to Holly. She was able to walk and play which was more than anyone ever thought she would be able to do.

Bella was a funny little girl with attitude. She liked to sleep in a suitcase. She would curl up in a ball and pull the lid down over her head. Bella was also very social. Since Holly is a volunteer DJ at many animal charity events, Bella came along for the ride and absolutely loved the attention she received. People would always gather around to play and love on her.

On February 19th Bella crossed the rainbow bridge. She had renal failure. Bella lived for three years however, she lived life to its fullest and showed us all how she could overcome her imperfections with pride. It was important to Holly to share that “you can make a difference in an animal’s life”. Bella was able to bring a community together to prove that animals can truly make a difference in our lives too.


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