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  1. I’m kinda disappointed in this rescue I Facebook in-boxed and emailed the website with photos because I have two wheel chairs that could work for Roo (the 2 legged dog) and a vet willing to help and no one bother to message me back! Also at the event at Petco where I met Roo the lady working the adoptions was very rude. I still wanted to help after that for the dog but it seems to me that this may not be as important to you guys this is really sad to me.

  2. This has been addressed on our site. We have apologized for not getting the message and since we have a very limited all volunteer staff some messages are not received. Roo is in a home with me the founder. She is being trained for therapy and is already making an impact on young students. I do not know who was rude to you but I am sure it was not intentional, adoptions are hectic. We have two wonderful ladies working with one of our coordinators to find the appropriate wheelchair since Roo has an abnormal set to her front legs. I do remember running into you 2 times at adoptions and explaining Roo was not available for adoption. Roo is lacking for nothing and plays outside with our other dogs and has learned to swim and play chase. Again we apologize for not contacting you back but we are all about rescue and sometimes things get overlooked I am sorry you took this as a personal affront for it was in no way that at all. Thank you for your concern. Rae

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