All Vegas Horses / L.E.A.N. (Local Equine Assistance Network)

Please welcome All Vegas Horses / L.E.A.N. (Local Equine Assistance Network) to our V.A.R. Coalition 🙂

AVH LEAN logo large

About AVH

All Vegas Horses is a 501c3 public charity and community organization dedicated to bringing both an online information resource and in-the-field support to equestrians and related businesses, clubs, and agencies in southern Nevada.  Formed in March 2011, the diverse features of the website have enabled people with similar interests in horses to discuss their passion, meet new friends, and find events, supplies and services they need.  

What is our goal?  To improve our equestrian community overall.  Our primary focus is with our L.E.A.N. program (Local Equine Assistance Network) to provide a resource cooperative for horses or owners in need of help.  Hundreds of hours are volunteered each month by members contributing time to our rescue and community projects and keeping a consolidated focus on horses in our area.  We deeply appreciate all our advertisers, sponsors and friends for helping to keep AVH growing and benefiting the community it supports.



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