Celebrity Bowling Tournament for Animal Rescue on Sunday, August 11, 1pm, at Sam’s Town Bowling Center.

All animal lovers welcome!  This is a family-friendly event, enjoyable for people of all ages. We hope you join us for an incredibly fun afternoon to support animal rescue & rehabilitation!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER TICKETS: http://www.nevadaspca.org/news/6767-out-of-the-gutters  

Confirmed celebrity attendees as of August 5, in alphabetical order:

  • Megan Arnoldy (Jersey Boys)
  • Deborah Ashton-Cook (Mrs. Nevada International)
  • Emily Austin (Model)
  • Lance Burton (Magician)
  • Jennifer Cloer (Peepshow)
  • Travis Cloer (Jersey Boys)
  • Chloe Crawford-Sawchuck (Girls of Fantasy)
  • Anthony Crivello (The Phantom)
  • Graham Fenton (Jersey Boys)
  • Nicole Fenton (Dancing Queen)
  • Jayme Gardiner (Motorcross Rider)
  • LJ Harness (Vegas Underground)
  • Heidi Harris (radio host & TV commentator)
  • Les Kincaid (Chef)
  • Ladies of Fantasy
  • Ricardo Laguna (BMX pro & MTV star)
  • Heather Marianna (Beauty Kitchen)
  • Deven May (Jersey Boys)
  • Men of Chippendales
  • Men of Thunder from Down Under
  • Dina Mitchell (Tropical Smoothie)
  • David Perrico (Pop Evolution)
  • Cheryl Prater (Mrs. North America)
  • Mariah Rivera (Fantasy at Luxor)
  • Dayna Roselli (Entertainment reporter & blogger)
  • Marc Savard (Hypnotist)
  • Murray Sawchuck (Illusionist)
  • Niki Scalera (Peepshow)
  • Jonathan Scott (Barter Exchange Television)
  • Sammy Shore (Comedian)
  • Paul Shortino (Rockstar – Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt)
  • Mark Shunock (Rock of Ages)
  • Claire Sinclair (Pin Up)
  • Alan Stock (radio & TV host)
  • Robert Torti (Rock of Ages)
  • Dao Vu (TV host)
  • Danny Wright (Pianist & Composer)

Special thanks to generous sponsors: Anita Mann Productions, Dunkin Donuts, Jeff Civillico: Comedy In Action, Pet’ographique, Sam’s Town, and Tropical Smoothie.

[Special thanks to Pet’ographique for this inspiring portrait of rescued dogs LolaEdward, and BJto help promote this fundraiser.]


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