Animal Transport Companies


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Big Paw Cab Company 702-582-7297
We are a pet transportation service in the Las Vegas area, and aid in rescue transportation when we can.









Update Referrals sent to us on 9/16/2013

So we used a pet ground transportation service called We Move Pets. They have vehicles that are constantly traveling, picking up and dropping off pets across the states. They also offer a private vehicle service for those that want to not have their pets traveling in the presence of other pets. I would highly recommend them if someone is uncertain about flying their pet. They give you the cell phone number of the driver so you’re able to contact them if you wanted to check up on your pets.

If we did go with flying our cats out, we were going to use Pet Express. If people are concerned about price points, this service cost more than doing the ground transportation, not including having to buy the appropriate airline approved crates. I found out that I needed crates that were 21″ high for each of our cats as a minimum height, otherwise the airline service wouldn’t board them. They do offer purchasing the crates through them rather than trying to order the crates online yourself. I discovered most places actually do not carry the correct approved brand of crate for airlines.



One comment on “Animal Transport Companies

  1. Big Paw Cab Company went out of business a while back.   Liv 

      Rescuer of Julius – Junior title holder, Las Vegas Dock Dogs, personal best 14’6” and blood donor at Las Vegas Animal Blood Blank. Rescuer of Vincent – Inspiration for my life in rescue. Rescuer of Warrior – Found emaciated on the streets, and found a way into our hearts!


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