Rehoming & Adoptable Pets – 6/6/14

01 - Sketchers 1
01 - Sketchers 201 - Ginger 101 - Ginger 201 - Ginger 1a01 - Gracie 1
Vegas Animal Rescue is assisting to find homes for three special animals.  If you are interested in Sketches, Ginger, or Gracie please email
All three of these animals were not able to be cared for by their owners.  They also are such be lovers.  They need nice homes that are looking for loving babies.  They all need separate homes.  Sketches has a seizure condition but the rescue said they would help the new owner with meds.  Ginger was hit by a car and we never found her owners.  She now is a tripod and her back leg is in daily treatment but she is healing very well.  She is trying to walk.  Gracie the loving gray cat is looking for a great home that likes loving kitties.  She is very affectionate.
phoenix1 phoenix christmas phoenixPhoenix is a 4 year old neutered male tabby. He is litter box trained and an indoor outdoor pet. He is also good with a pet door.

He LOVES adults, but does not mind children. He is attentive, caring, and loyal.
He is also dog and cat friendly. He is very passive and calm in all situations.
Our living arrangements have changed and we are not able to keep him.
I would rather find him a home than take him to a shelter.
Please let me know if you can help.
Thank you
10345538_10202195909282584_344469478307793510_nI’m a working college student and I got scrappy when he was only a month old and he is 8 months old now. I dont have time for him lately and I think a family would give him more attention. I love him so much and hes a sweet dog. Hes just very feisty with new people but once he feels comfortable is very loving. He pees on the pad but would need to go outside to potty. If youre interested let me know. I dont need anything in return I just need a loving family for my baby
Hes a brown 4 lbs chihuahua. I’m having trouble finding a home for him. He is a little hyper but once he gets to know you he is very sweet. It breaks my heart because this guy needs attention and I don’t want to neglect him because I go to school. Please Help me I really don’t want to use Craigslist ☹
Ariadne Alagar
imageMy husband and I have a three year old cattle dog mix named Odin. After exhausting other options we are looking for a childless home for him. We have a one year old and Odin is becoming increasingly aggressive towards the baby. We have tried training and mitigation but our home is not safe for him and he is not safe with the baby. I don’t want him to bite and have to be put down so we are looking for other options. A few pictures are attached and a biography. You can contact me at this email or 719-659-5065. Thank you.


My name is Odin. I am an approximately 3 year old cattle dog/terrier mix. I was rescued as a very young (about 8 week old) puppy on death row in Clovis New Mexico’s animal shelter. I kind of tricked my people because I seemed and looked older but they quickly figured out my age when I started losing puppy teeth and the vet confirmed I wasn’t more than a couple months old. I have lived with my family since September of 2011. They believe I was born in July 2011. My people were really curious about what type of mix I am so they ran one of those doggie DNA tests on my. The results were comical. Evidently according to DNA I am predominately a mix of weimaraner, Manchester terrier, basset hound, and mixed breed. I look like a cattle dog mix but act like a Manchester terrier in a lot of way.  Only, I weigh about 60 pounds.  I love to play, cuddle, run, chase balls, wrestle with my furry sisters, and learn tricks.  I am very trainable although sometimes I forget my manners when I am being introduced to new people and dogs. I am highly selective when it comes to other dogs and do best with female dogs my size or larger and I tend to try to push other dogs around but am fairly easily put into my place by alphas who don’t back down to my challenges. I don’t really care for small children, they scare me with their quick movements and loud noises. In fact, the tiny dictator who has been living in my home the past year is really making my life miserable.  I sometimes run to my crate when he makes me nervous but I’ve started to growl at him increasingly and I even snapped at him once which made my people really nervous. They keep saying it isn’t a safe situation for me or the baby.  They have tried to train me to go to my crate when I am not in the mood to deal with the loud little creature and I often do because the baby doesn’t follow me there but I am just not getting the hang of it. I love my people and I listen pretty well especially when they work with me diligently. I’m super smart and protective. I need to work on my new people skills but I do best greeting new people after I have had a chance to calm down.  I could definitely use more training in this area but my people haven’t been able to do as much as they would like.  I don’t really want to leave my home or my people but I don’t think this is working since this little baby isn’t going anywhere and I hear another one is on the way. I’ve had basic obedience training and I am crate trained and leash trained (I even do well off leash). I would love a home with no children or teenage children only.  An active person, who would take me for walks, runs, and outings would be ideal because I do love to play and have quite a bit of energy.  I am completely house trained, don’t mark or chew, love to shadow my people, and really love praise and attention.  I am a dog-lovers dog!  If you are interested in meeting me or knowing more about me please email my people at . My people really love me and are very concerned for my future so they will require full screening and an adoption fee to help ensure I do not end up in a worse situation.

maci kano ChesterHello!
My name is Jolena Williams and I am hoping you can help us out. We have currently have 3 dogs in our family. Unfortunately we found out today that our beloved dogs are a major cause to our daughters health issues she has and with my husband deploying trying to balance the dogs (who would have to be kenneled most of the time) due to her health and raising my children.  We are needing to re-home our dogs or have them go to a rescue or rescues.Kano is a 3 yr old pure breed Min-Pin (we have the paperwork for his registration to be filed) who would best be situated in an single dog home and with older children or no children at all due to his extra need for attention. He is a high energy dog, protective, and a cuddle bug when its on his terms. Kennel trained and house trained. He is up to date on his shots, is micro-chipped through homeagain and was neutered in February of this year at Craig Road. He does have an allergy to shots so he requires medication before shots are administered.Chester is a 4 yr old Chihuahua who is great with kids and loves lots of attention and kisses and cuddles. We had him before having children and he has adapted well with our growing family. He is kennel trained and house trained and a good listener. He loves to please his family. He is up to date on shots but is not neutered. He too has  an allergy to shots so he requires medication before shots are administered.

Maci is a 4 yr old (5 in November) Basenji mix we adopted her from a pound back in California back in April of 2010. She is a timid dog at times but she too we had before having children and she has also adapted well with our growing family. She is a loving, people pleasing dog, who loves to cuddle and kiss as much as you let her. She is kennel and house trained. She is a great jogging buddy and loves being outside and playing in the water. She is spayed, micro-chipped and up to date on her shots.

They all are on Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish formula.

I am really hoping you can help or direct me to someone to help us find a new loving home for our dogs they are part of my family and I just want what is best for them and living a lot of their day in their kennels isn’t how dogs need to be living. I currently have them in the house but blocked off from my daughter to keep her healthy right now.

You can contact me here through my email or call me at 916.769.6886

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon,
Jolena Williams


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