Dear Animal Lovers,

The volunteers of Vegas Animal Rescue thought it might be nice to tell you about the creation of V.A.R.

In June 2006 an avid animal lover (Jocelyn) decided to bring the Vegas Animal Rescue and Shelter community together.  She created a private yahoo chat group and invited all the Las Vegas Rescues and Shelters to join.  (Years before Facebook.)  They could ask for advice, trade items, arrange transport, and so much more.   We are proud to say that this yahoo group still works together every day to help save animals in our community after 10 YEARS!

Jocelyn’s next step was to create an informational website http://www.VegasAnimalRescue.com to help educate the Vegas Animal Community.

In October 2010 we had a V.A.R. logo contest for a new logo.  We had a lot of great logos turned in.  The public voted and we got two great logos created by Carlos Hernandez.  We are so thankful to everyone that entered.  These logos are available on merchandise on our Shop.  The profits from each sale go to animal rescues and shelter that the customer chooses.

Today, V.A.R. is 100% volunteer run on a daily basis to assist the Animal Rescues and Shelters in Las Vegas.  V.A.R does not take in any donations.  All donations are asked to be sent directly to the Animal Rescues and Shelter listed on our website.  Our passionate volunteers donate their time because we love animals.

We also have great volunteers that help us like Judy Eddy volunteer editor http://www.copyeddyting.com/

Our V.A.R. goals are to:

– Help Animal Rescue/Shelter Organizations save more animals in our community

– Educate Pet Owners

– A one stop fun website for Vegas Animal lovers


1. Our V.A.R. volunteers would like to organize/coordinate an “Animal Rescue Volunteer Appreciation Night”.  In able for us to plan this event we need:

– A donated location to have the appreciation night

– Donated gifts for our rescues and shelter volunteers (will be put into a white elephant or free raffle for rescue volunteers)

– Donated Food/Drinks/Desserts

– Entertainment

– Other suggestions are very much appreciated

2. We need volunteers to help us get current information for our New “Veterinarian” section under the “Pet Diet & Health Information” tab.  We need all the columns complete with information.  Please email vegasanimalrescue@gmail.com if you are willing to help with this task.

3. We need help getting the word out about our websites.  You can help us by spreading the word.  You can also link to us by placing one of our logos on your websites.  The more links we have the more animals we can help.  CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE A LOGO  You can also put information about us in your newsletters, or send out an email to your friends, family, clients, adopters with information about us.

Thank you so much

Volunteers of VegasAnimalRescue.com

http://www.VegasAnimalRescue.com – Facebook – Twitter

VAR Both Logo.png


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