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Pet Loss Bereavement Support Group

Name: Dr. Sue Wheeler
Comment: Free weekly pet loss support group for those dealing with death of a beloved pet. A Non-profit 501-C3 organization. 35+ years of community service. Meets EVERY week.
Event Information: Pet Loss support group meets weekly (702) 735-5544



BIRD (702) 856-3300

——————————————————————————————————————————————————— (702) 635-7137



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New Dog Parks, Manners, & Rules

Are your dogs staring at you.  They are trying to tell you it is a beautiful day to go outside and play.

Henderson has two new Dog Parks.

Hidden Falls Park – 281 W. Horizon Way Henderson, NV 89002 – Opening Today

Reunion Trails Park – 44 Chapata Drive Henderson, NV 89012 – Already Opened

We have all the Las Vegas, Henderson, & Boulder City Dog Parks listed on including directions to get you there.


Dog Park Manners and Rules
Those of you headed to dog parks may find these tips helpful:
An expert says at a minimum dog park users should pick up dog waste, “have a reasonable recall on [their] dog, and be respectful of people’s feelings.”
If your dog tends to display dog-dog aggression or plays more roughly than other owners like, closely monitor your dog and keep him under control.

“Additional dog-park etiquette rules include:

• “Unleash your dog. A leashed dog may feel threatened by others moving freely.
• “Keep moving. If you stand in one place, your dog may be more apt to become territorial.
• “Never leave your dog unattended, and don’t use a dog park as a drop-off daycare…
• “Make sure your dog has updated vaccinations.
• “Leave your puppies at home until they’re fully vaccinated and physically up to the sometimes rough-and-tumble play. Initial socialization for puppies is often better coming from a puppy training class.
• “Wait until your female dog is out of season…
• “Use caution with toys. Some dogs can be very possessive of their toys; others will want to steal everyone else’s toys… it’s usually a good idea to leave the toys at home…
• “Be careful with children. Not all dogs do well with children, and many dogs will bowl young kids over. If you take your children with you, supervise them closely.
• “[Do] not take more dogs with you than you can control; which for most people is a maximum of three [if they are] well-trained, responsive dogs.
• “Don’t let your dog dig in the park. It can cause a hazard to other dogs.
• “Leave the wildlife alone… for both the wildlife’s and your dog’s safety.

“Relax. The dogs usually figure things out pretty quickly and have a good time.
Be watchful and considerate, but stay positive —
your tension communicates itself to your dog”


Join Our Coalition


 Dear Animal Rescuers,

We would like to invite your Animal Rescue Organization to join the yahoo group and website coalition.  Let me first start by saying this is 100% free.  We are 100% volunteer run and just do this for the animals.

The Vegas Animal Rescue Yahoo Chat group and websites were created in June 2006.  This private yahoo group was created for Animal Rescue Organizations (ARO) to communicate and save animals in our community.  It was also created so A.R.O.s could support each other when needed, trade supplies, help in placements, and all the other aspects that come from rescuing animals.  This Vegas Animal Rescue Yahoo Chat Group is a private group and not for the general public.

The yahoo group is connected with the websites which are run by 100% volunteers.  Our goals are to:

  • Help your Animal Rescue/Shelter Organizations save more animals in our community
  • Educate Pet Owners
  • A one stop fun place for Vegas Animal lovers to look for:

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We hope the more people that visit our websites the more animals we can help you save.

You might be wondering why there are two different web domain names and they go to the same website.  Well our reason for that is some people see the word “Rescue” and think it might be something sad so they won’t click on it.  We find that people are more willing to click on “411” instead.


Your Rescue/Shelter will be added to the Vegas Animal Rescue Yahoo Group.  It is a great communication tool to work with all the other Rescue and Shelter volunteers in our community.

We will add your logo/link/contact information under the section that best fits your rescue organization on both websites.  You can choose to be placed under Cat Rescue/Dog Breed Rescue/All Breed which ever you choose or under each.

We will also put your logo and a picture of a pet you have rescued in our new video on the website.  We are looking for good quality so that the video quality comes out nice.  V.A.R. members have a list of 8 professional photographers that volunteer their time to take great quality photos to help you get your animals adopted.  Please send your photo to


  1. Please complete an application below and return to
  2. Please send us one letter of reference from your veterinarian.
  3. Send us your logo and link that you would like to use on the website(s) etc.
  4. Please add one of our logos to your websites.  If we are linked it will drive more adopters to all of you.  You can pick out a logo/link located on our website under “Our Logos” section.
  1. Send out an email to your friends, family, clients, & your adopters with information about and/or in your Newsletters if possible.


The Vegas Animal Rescue Yahoo Chat group was created in June 2006.  The group was created for Animal Rescue Organizations (ARO) to communicate and save animals in our community.  It was also created so AROs could support each other when needed, trade supplies, help in placements, and all the other aspects that come from rescuing animals.

This Vegas Animal Rescue Yahoo Chat Group is a private group and not for the general public.  This group is connected with

 Please tell us some information about your organization.

Animal Rescue Organization Name:
Is your ARO a 501(c)(3) organization? Yes or No & #
Is your ARO? Local, National, or Both
ARO Address:
ARO Email:
ARO Website:

If you would like to include multiple contacts to the Yahoo Group please include their information.

ARO Contact Name:
ARO Contact Phone:
ARO Contact Email:
ARO Contact Name:
ARO Contact Phone:
ARO Contact Email:
What is your Spay and Neuter policy?
Do you Microchip?
Other information you would like to share.

Please complete this application and return to

  1. Email your logo and link that you would like for us to use on the website(s).
  2. In addition please email a letter of recommendation from your veterinarian.

Thank you so much

The Volunteers of


 (Your ARO will be notified in 1 to 5 business days if your application has been approved for the VAR Yahoo Chat Group and/or VAR websites)

Printable Applications:



Help Us Help You

The volunteers of website would like our sites to be the one stop informational place to find everything you need when it comes to your pets.

We would love your input.  Please take a few minutes and look over the website CLICK HERE.  Do you see anything you would like added, corrected, or updated?  We would love any and all advice.  Please email us at

Thank you so much

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The Churchill Foundation



The Churchill Foundation strives to be, not only an animal rescue, but a community resource that encourages participation and involvement. We hope to create a collaborative coalition of animal enthusiasts that are willing to work together to portray rescue and shelter animals in a positive light. churchhill

The Churchill Foundation was created by caring individuals in Las Vegas that felt that our city needs to change. Too many animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own. From strays, abandoned, even abused and neglected animals are forced into unknown fate daily. This can change, it needs to change. Your generous donation will go toward financing our community programs, help with research for new innovative operation ideas, fund positive ad campaigns, and of course help with the few animals lucky enough to end up under our roof. Every donation contributes to a brighter future for the homeless animals in Las Vegas and NO amount is too small. We happily accept donations of items most often needed by shelter dogs and cats. For a list of items we can use, check our community page. If we ever receive items not currently needed by the dogs and cats at The Churchill Foundation, we deliver the items to shelters and rescues in our area that desperatly need them. Thank you for your help! You can donate via PayPal or by contacting us through the site. You can also sign up for a monthly donation as well.