Helping Hearts For Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue Groups work hard all year to help animals in our community.

Holidays, Birthdays, & Anniversaries are a great way to help Animal Rescue Groups.  It can be a wonderful gift to donate in someone’s name for a present.

Your donation will help Animal Rescue Organizations with Veterinary Bills, Boarding Costs, Food, Blankets, Toys, & other operating expenses.

Animal Rescue groups can only help animals when they receive donations and support.

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If you have any problems with the direct donation link please click on the Animal Rescue Website Link.

Animal Rescue Website Direct Donation Link
All Fur Love Animal Society CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Cocker Recovery Foundation CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Doberman Rescue of Nevada CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Golden Retriever Rescue SN CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Homeward Bound Cat Adoption CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Las Vegas Basset Hound Rescue CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Las Vegas Dachshund Rescue CLICK HERE TO DONATE
P.A.W.S Providing Animals w/ Support CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Pei People (Shar Pei Rescue) CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Second Chance Animal Rescue CLICK HERE TO DONATE
Senior Springer Spaniel CLICK HERE TO DONATE
St. Bernard Foundation CLICK HERE TO DONATE

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St. Gabriel Feline Foundation


What we do: Feed feral and abandoned cats all over the city of Las Vegas 7 nights a week. 2-3 hrs. per night

Work with low cost veterinarians to get cats spayed and neutered. They either get released back into their colonies, go to temporary foster homes for recuperation, and if they are friendly they are made available for adoption

Host a shelter for cats on the outskirts of Las Vegas for special needs and unadoptable cats and kittens

Hold adoptions at Petsmart on Martin Luther King and Craig Road in the Home Depot shopping plaza

How we do it: We have a team of dedicated volunteers who help at the shelter, and we always need volunteers at the adoption center at Petsmart




A Home 4 Spot Newsletter

Hi ,
Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter.  We have a lot of fundraising events during the month of December and we wanted to be sure you were up to date on all of them.
A Home 4 Spot is trying to get a home !
 We have an urgent plea but this plea is only 34 days left. We have an amazing chance to finally have A home 4 Spot Headquarters where we will be able to help more dogs!!! We just need $15,000.00 in 34 days, if not our dreams of owning our own spot will be gone.
This home will help homeless dogs during healing time both mentally and from surgeries. We will also provide training right on property, therapy and socialization. We will be able to do fundraisers, build a hospice house for dogs who parents have passed on or a temp space for battered women to let us care for their dog while they rebuild their life.
We will have a pool for dogs needing water therapy which by the way won’t just be for our rescue but we will help all rescues. We will have a temp boarding facility so we will be able to help more dogs in danger of losing their lives without having to beg for foster parents.
Please share this. Time is ticking. We can not explain to you how HUGE this is for us.
To Donate Click on this Link
Next Fundraising Event is December 11th  
One Ton Project show is on Friday , December 11th w/ The Wretched Soul Kids & Strange Mistress at Babes Rocking Sports Bar

www.GIFCreator.me_hvObQRThe next One Ton Project show is on Friday , December 11th w/ The Wretched Soul Kids & Strange Mistress at Babes Rocking Sports Bar. Get in the Christmas spirit and come see a killer rock show benefiting Shade Tree Women’s Shelter and A Home for Spot Animal Rescue. Bring food, toiletries, unwrapped children’s gifts, or any kind of animal goodies. Help us donate to these very worthy causes.

One Ton Project 10pm

The Wretched Soul Kids 11pm

Strange Mistress 12 am

RSVP on Facebook:


We will be collecting donations at our December 11th show for two wonderful organizations:


RSVP on Facebook:

Read More
 Special Event At Saks Fifth Avenue
Boarding Special to Help A Home 4 Spot 
A Home 4 Spot’s Donation Center is Looking for Donations! 
Thank you again all the support and help that you give us! 
We appreciate all that you do and we are grateful and humbled by your generosity!!   It is with the help of ALL OF US that the dogs get a second chance at a Forever Home! 
Thank you, 
Diana England, Founder of A Home 4 Spot 
3111 South Valley View Blvd
Building U suite 104
Las Vegas NV 89102
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The Churchill Foundation



The Churchill Foundation strives to be, not only an animal rescue, but a community resource that encourages participation and involvement. We hope to create a collaborative coalition of animal enthusiasts that are willing to work together to portray rescue and shelter animals in a positive light. churchhill

The Churchill Foundation was created by caring individuals in Las Vegas that felt that our city needs to change. Too many animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own. From strays, abandoned, even abused and neglected animals are forced into unknown fate daily. This can change, it needs to change. Your generous donation will go toward financing our community programs, help with research for new innovative operation ideas, fund positive ad campaigns, and of course help with the few animals lucky enough to end up under our roof. Every donation contributes to a brighter future for the homeless animals in Las Vegas and NO amount is too small. We happily accept donations of items most often needed by shelter dogs and cats. For a list of items we can use, check our community page. If we ever receive items not currently needed by the dogs and cats at The Churchill Foundation, we deliver the items to shelters and rescues in our area that desperatly need them. Thank you for your help! You can donate via PayPal or by contacting us through the site. You can also sign up for a monthly donation as well.

Pets Needing A New Forever Home

These are animals that need to be rehomed.  We pass the information to local animal rescue groups but sometimes that rescue groups are unable to bring them in.   We ask the owners to follow these tips:

Please contact the owners directly if you are able to help find them a new forever loving home.


Hello! My husband was laid off and we are relocating overseas. We are unable to take our 2 cats with us. I’ve been looking for a loving home for them and I am having a difficult time. I would need to surrender them soon and don’t know what to do. Would you be able to help me in any way? I am so heartbroken.  Below is some info on my cats.  Booboo is a 13 year old female Persian and Loowee is a 12 year old male mixed.


Artemis (F) and Apollo (M) are sister and brother. I got them from their previous owner a few weeks ago, but my home is too small for them to comfortably play and I lack a yard.

They previously had no training, but are essentially potty-trained and will respond to basic commands (‘sit’, ‘lie down’, working on ‘leave it’). They are learning leash-training, and are using special collars for walking. They are very sweet and playful, but need a bigger home.
They should stay together, as Apollo has separation anxiety problems and needs his sister as a playmate.  I have crates and leashes for each of them, and plenty of food and treats.
I love them so much, but I they need more space to play and run, and I can’t provide that for them. I just want to find them a loving home that can more fully accommodate their space needs.
 I currently have my son’s cat that he can’t take as his roommate is allergic.  I can’t continue to keep him w/ the ones I already have.  He is very loving and needs a home where he can go outside some as he can’t w/ me.  I don’t know what else to do.  I can’t take him someplace where they will just put him down.  His name is Casper and he is 2 years old.  He is fixed and has had his shots and is in good health.  He is lovey and playful.  He just needs a good home and someone to cuddle with.  My son got him when he was a baby but was not able to take him when he moved out as his roommate is allergic.  email me at


Female, 1+ year, <25 pounds, not spayed (she went into heat last week before her appointment). I got her from a coworker looking for a new home for her. I was told that she is great, loving, fun, outgoing. She very much is all of those, but is extremely needy in that if I put her outside by herself to go potty, or when I need a little space, she only sits at the door and whimpers, she has scratched up the bottom if my bedroom door, and I am constantly tripping over her as she has to be at my feet near constantly. We are unfortunately not a good match.  She is a wonderful pet, but as a 12 hour a day nurse and full time student, she requires more attention and time than I have.



Hello. I rescued a cat about a year ago. I have developed horrible allergies and have tried everything from Benedryl to allergy shots every month. I have developed Asthma due to the chronic lung infections. I absolutely love my cat but my husband is insisting that we find him a new home due to my health issues.

He (Otis) is approximately 3 years old and has been fixed. He is a very sweet kitty and very patient with children. He LOVES to have his belly rubbed! He is good with other cats. The lady I rescued him from had multiple cats. He is very healthy, eats well, plays a lot throughout the day and he loves to cuddle. He is also very talkative. I believe he is a Siamese/Snowshoe mix. As you can see from the attached photos he’s a beautiful cat. He has always been an indoor cat. He has never been outside. He has a kitty bed, a few collars, litter box and lots of fun toys that will go with him, as well as any food or litter I may have at the time of adoption.
I hate the thought of him in a cage and would prefer to have him adopted straight from my home. I am not sure if that is a possibility. It makes me horribly sad to think of him in a cage.Please let me know what I should do next. I have never had to go through something like this. It’s really hard 😦
Thank you (Missy) Boren


Mild tempered, patient, lil dog. Patient & gentle when playing and more tolerant of other pets and children. Really needs a good home ASAP.

We go to a pound August 1.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

LOST & FOUND ANIMALS – Updated July 28th


Hello Facebook Friends and Acquaintance;
I am doing a plea for everyone to please be on the lookout for this puppy. Please pass this picture around. Thank you and God Bless
My daughter and her children had their precious chihuahua mix taken. She somehow got out of the apartment and was picked up by a group of Hispanic people. There were approximately 10 to 15 of them. There were 3 vehicles. And 2 of them were under repair and parked between Crestwood n Rebel and the Manor Suites.( Las Vegas Blvd So and Warm Springs in Las Vegas Nevada between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm on Wednesday 7/23/2014 ) They repaired an alternator and spark plugs. The vehicles had California Plates. There were 2 cars and an suv. Two of the vehicles were white cars possibly and one might have been a honda. and the suv was green. The gas station attendant saw 3 young females all in black clothing. one of which was holding her. These young girls were children of the large group that was there. The attendant saw them come in and purchase stuff with cash. The girls then returned to the large group that was working on the cars.
The puppy is tan with black fur. Her fur is short. She is approximately
5 -8 lbs. She is 2-3 months of age. She is wearing a pink collar with a rhinestone heart in the middle of the collar.
We got her to help my daughter and grandchildren though a difficult time. She is being used has a therapy dog.
Please help us locate her. She is desperately missed. We are asking that you please please return her no questions asked. We hope that she is being well taken care of. If found please answer to this post and we will give you our number. If need be we will come to you an get her.
please call 7022719502 if you no anything



***REWARD*** LOST CAT: Siamese Grey/Black has a MOHAWK haircut REWARD (LV Blvd Food 4 Less @Blue Diamond)


image 1image 2image 3
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Las Vegas Blvd at Blue Diamond Road

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Help! Lost a grey and black Siamese Cat on Friday, July 4th at about 4pm in the Food 4 Less (on LV Blvd and Blue Diamond) parking lot. I had to bring him into the store in his carrier bag, since I couldn’t leave him in the car. He somehow wiggled out of his carrier and darted off into the parking lot. There’s a huge empty dirt and bushes lot next to the store. I looked there and everywhere around there for hours. The cat belongs to my friend and it is her everything. She hates me now. I was taking care of him for her and was in the process of bringing him back to her. I HAVE TO FIND THIS CAT!I AM OFFERING A REWARD!!His name is Appa
He is a very friendly house cat
He has a mohawk haircut and is grey and black
He has no front claws and no collar

Please call Chris at show contact info if you have any info. PLEASE!!