• First start by creating a Facebook page for your missing pet.  Include photos, information about where your pet went missing,& contact information.  This has really been helpful to reunite pets and their families.

• Place your pet’s Facebook page on craigslist, facebook, twitter, send invites or “like” the local rescue and shelter facebook pages to help your pet’s page get spotlight (you can find these fb pages on the front page of our website, & http://www.facebook.com/VegasAnimalRescue email it to vegasanimalrescue@gmail.com
• Email the posting to all your contacts
• Email the posting to vegasanimal411@gmail.com and we will email all the rescues in Vegas.
• Search all the shelters on this list https://vegasanimalrescue.wordpress.com/rescue-and-shelter-contact-list/ Time is important because they can euthanize at any time.
• Call friends to help you search the area
• Hang signs where the pet was lost.
• Check with local vet hospitals where the pet was lost.

Lost Pet

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The information below is to help you if you have FOUND or LOST an animal or if you are looking to ADOPT an animal. Please read all of it as there are many great ideas to help you

A. LIED Animal Shelter also know as the Animal Foundation is a kill shelter, so think about that before you take any animal there. If you lost a pet, go to the shelter and check there OFTEN because they are only held for 72 hours or 3 days (as required by law). They can not respond to phone calls. You have to physically go down to the shelter and LOOK for your pet. You can also go to their web site (www.animalfoundation. com) and follow their links to Lost/Found to see many turned in animals. Click on that and it will take you to a place that asks what type of animal you are looking for and click on only the type of animal listed if YOU WANT to see all the animals they have taken in under that type of pet. This is the only way I would search as errors are possible when identifying the large number of animals being processed. If you search this way you will see all the ones they have posted on their web site. I would NEVER TOTALLY rely on the web site information so go there and look too. When you go to look for your lost pet TAKE SOME form of identification showing you are the owner of this animal so they will know they are giving you back YOUR pet. BRING A PHOTO OF YOUR PET. Also expect to pay some fines so have some money or credit card with you. Remember this agency has cared for your animal, possibly went and picked up your animal or has taken care of it since it got lost and was turned in by the person that found your pet and couldn’t find you. That all costs money. Another thing you can do is use this site to post lost and found by the public…follow the links provided. You can also look at the ones that are available for adoption using this site. If your pet was there and not rescued out of there it MIGHT be listed for adoption also.

655 N. Mojave Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101-2801

Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility
300 E. Galleria
Henderson, Nevada 89011-1903

Boulder City Animal Control
810 Yucca St.
Boulder City NV 89005

County Animal Control 702-455-7710

Las Vegas Animal Control 702-229-6444

North Las Vegas Animal Control 702- 633-9111


Remember all of above shelters are KILL shelters. You need to visit the shelter in your jurisdiction every other day. Animals can travel so if your pet isn’t in the shelter of your jurisdiction, check the other shelters also. For example, a City of Las Vegas resident could be driving through Henderson, find a lost pet and drop it off at Lied Animal Foundation Shelter or have them pick up the animal from them. Don’t just check for your lost pet in the area you live in. They can and do travel far. The Henderson shelter is just for the City of Henderson and the Animal Foundation is responsible for the rest of our area in Las Vegas and Clark County. Shelters HAVE to take animals turned in to them. Rescues and other animal agencies do not have to take animals turned in. They are the no kill rescues and are usually full but I know many people are able to turn in found pets to them too, so don’t forget to check these places also.

When you are at the shelters, check the shelter books/binders. These binders will list descriptions of those animals found dead, those animals injured and receiving medical care at a veterinarian and those found animals being held by individuals and organizations.

B. If you find an animal, you can post a FREE ad in the Las Vegas Review Journal for 4 days. Call 702-383-0383. If you lost an animal, purchase an ad in the classified section. MANY people just look in the paper. They don’t know about Craig’s List or all these other sites. They find a lost pet, they check the paper and then turn the pet over to an agency that is willing to take the pet (sometimes Lied). It would be so nice if an animal could just go home to the owner…not the pound first.

C. If you found an animal, take it to any Vet in the area and have it scanned for a micro-chip. The chip may contain the owner’s contact information. Vet’s will do this for free.

D. Here are some web-sites to search for a match for you lost or found pet:

1) Search on PetHarbor.com: Animal Shelter adopt a pet; dogs, cats, puppies, kittens! Humane Society, SPCA. Lost & Found. Within this site you can Post a Found Pet, Look for Lost Pets, Search Adoptable Pets and do a Search by ID. You have to follow the directions and scroll to the bottom of pages to find the right buttons to click or areas to enter information. It is a two sided screen with the ability to go up and down on both sides. Many people don’t scroll to the bottom of pages so they miss what they are looking for.

2) Go to AnimalFoundation. com and click on the lost/found sign. This will take you to a part of PetHarbor.com that allows you to place your found or lost pet on this site. Please do that. Then if an animal is taken in by SOME of the agencies it will send you an email saying there is a match to your found/lost animal. Also look at all the adoptable ones on this site. If your pet has been gone a long time it might be listed for adoption or maybe you want to see what is available for adoption.

Remember to search SIMILAR breeds as mixed breeds could be entered different then what you might know or think. It can be kind of hard to tell the breed of some pets.

3) Search on 1-800-SAVE-A-PET.com. When you go to this site look to see where it says “find shelters/rescues” near the top of the page and click on that link and put in your zip code. You will see on the left hand side of the screen about 40 places your pet could be located at or places that might take a found pet. In this same site, select either cat to search for and then type in the type of cat you are looking for if you lost one and give them your email address. If I were looking for a Siamese, I would put in only Siamese, no color, sex etc and select at least a 50 mile search area. By putting in less information you are going to see more cats. People make mistakes on animal breeds so less is better when you are searching. This site will send you emails when an animal is added that matches what you are looking for if you gave your email address.

4) Search on http://petfinder.com/local.html Click on the post that fits what you want to do.

5) Search on FidoFinder.com There are several found/lost pets from this area on that site. Check it out and place your lost/found pet on it also.

6) Place your lost or found pet on LostPetSOS.com. Very easy site to use for lost/found pets.

7)Helping Animals Return To Their Owners Post Lost/Found on this local site.

8)Lost My Doggie – Our Missing Pet Recovery Service will Help Find Your Lost Dog, Lost Cat or Missing Pet They will auto dial all the homes in your area for a fee.

9) Place an ad on Craig’s List on both the Lost and Found section and the Pet section too. Be sure to include a picture of your pet. Check your computer each day or emails and other postings that might match what you have lost/found. Be sure and go backwards on Craig’s list too if your pet has been gone for a while. It might already have been posted as found or lost. Craig’s List also has a search function at the top of the page. Use this function on both the Lost/Found section and the Pet section. If you lost a Tabby for example, just put in Tabby and you will see all entries with the word Tabby in it…remember to do this for both the pet section and the lost/found section. Offering a large reward on Craig’s List might get you some scam calls but if you offer enough, someone might knock themselves out searching.
If a pet is not recovered by the owner they are sometimes put up for adoption by the agencies listed on these web sites. I have found adoptable pets that the owners were looking for and just didn’t know all the places a pet may end up. So when these sites offer to show your adoptable pets take a look at them.

E. Go door to door in your area and either talk to your neighbors or leave your flier. The more people who know your animal is lost; the better. Comb your neighborhood especially in the morning and early evening or at your pet’s normal feeding time. For cats kept mostly inside, place an article of clothing with your scent along the perimeter of your property to entice your cat back into your yard. Indoor cats are at a huge disadvantage once outside and may not be able to sense their way home. If you found an animal, going door to door may help find the owner. Most cats hide within five house in either direction. They can hide very well.

F. Call all the humane/rescue groups and list your lost or found pet. All the local groups get calls about found and lost pets so they may be able to help match you up with your pet or an owner.

Remember too, that many people hold onto a pet for days and weeks in hopes of finding the owner so if your animal doesn’t show up for a couple of weeks it still could be out there waiting for you. Please don’t give up. Keep checking and be sure to check all the adoptable pets…yours could be waiting there on one of these sites.
If you don’t find your pet you still will have seen lots of pets looking for homes. If you have the love, space, time and money think about adopting one that is looking for a forever home.
Please spay/neuter your dogs and cats. They are healthier if they are S/N and tend not to stray like un-neutered/spayed pets do. They also do not populate the area if they do get loose. Please get them a micro chip and remember to activate it and keep a collar on a dog or outdoor cat with your CURRENT name and phone number. We strongly recommend that no cat should be an outdoor cat.

I hope this doesn’t happen BUT if your pet is injured somehow and picked up by the one of the Animal Control agencies it is taken to the Henderson Animal Control facility or the Animal Foundation or to a vet they do business with. The only way you can see if they picked up your injured pet is to call or go to their facility and check. The only agency that has a 24/7 recorded line that tells you what injured pets they have picked up is Clark County. Their number is 702-455-7710, option 4. They update their information twice daily so call this number to see if your injured animal was picked up and where it was taken. You can also call Henderson Animal control at 702-267-4970. Animals picked up in the city limits of Las Vegas or in North Las Vegas go to the Animal Foundation so you will have to go to them to see if your animal was picked up after being injured. Clark County, City of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas contract with the Animal Foundation so all picked up animals go there or to a vet they contract with.

Good Samaritans are able to take an injured found animal to the Animal Emergency Center of Las Vegas, 702-457-8050. They are open evenings and weekends when most Vet Clinics are closed.

Las Vegas Animal Emergency Hospital at 702-822-1045, also takes injured animals from Good Samaritans. They are located in the area of Charleston and Decatur. If you lost your animal you should call them too..maybe someone dropped off your lost/injured pet.

Click on the TWO below links to see who/where/email/phone numbers all the rescues that I know of. Your animal could be an ANY of them. There are just to many to list on here.

Dog Adoption :: Search by breed, size, age and location. LITERALLY 100’s OF DOGS AND PUPPIES LOOKING FOR HOMES..look at all of them..they might be your lost dog or your adoptable dog/puppy.

Petfinder.com – Animal Welfare Organizations Near You List of all rescues and shelters

Petfinder.com – Animal Welfare Organizations Near You List of all rescues and shelters

http://lostmydog.weebly.com/ This is a site that will call, post and send letters to people/vets etc in your area for a fee. I have never used it but I have talked to people that have and it worked for them.

Lost and Found Pets America Another place to list LOST/FOUND or search for your dog

PetMetric.com – the lost pet search engine Another site to post LOST/FOUND animals

vegasanimalrescue.com This is another new site that has many of the same things that I told you about above but also some new information that could be helpful to you. Click on the link! vegasanimalrescue@gmail.com

How to find a missing or lost dog This site has lots of information that might be helpful depending on how your dog got lost. Also has the name of a K-9 agency that you can hire to look for your lost animal.

Find Lost Dogs | Lost Cats | Stolen Pets www.petamberalert.com

Tabby Tracker – Where Lost Cats Call Home wonderful website for LOST/FOUND cats

Lost and Found Pets GREAT SITE…lots of information

My WebStarts Website Another animal rescue site for animals needing homes called  Kirassafehavenpetrescue.com

Reuniting Lost & Found Birds/Parrots – 911ParrotAlert
This is a volunteer group with over 80,000 lost and found bird listings back to 2004

A Home 4 Spot


Vegas Shepherd Rescue | VSR | German Shepherd Rescue of Las Vegas – Las Vegas German Shepherd Rescue

Airdale Terrier Rescue 702-656-2736

American Belgian Malinois Club 310-702-2389 or 702-286-7146

Angel Bully Rescue (English Bulldog) 702-645-2201

Akita Rescue — A Passion for Paws Rescue 818-925-4827 or 818-635-2497

Basset Hound Rescue 702-870-6004 or 702-232-8480

Bearded Collie Club of America 702-498-0416 or 702-269-4883

Boston Terrier Club Rescue of Southern Nevada 702-451-1962 or 702-458-0339

Brittany Spaniel Rescue 702-591-1501

Bull Terrier Rescue 913-753-9965

American Bullmastiff Association Rescue 978-939-5300 or 978-424-1044 or 602-677-8034

Southwest Cairn Rescue 702-677-0314

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue 702-222-9831

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue 760-635-1955 or 858-336-5209

Las Vegas Cocker Rescue 702-838-9991 or 702-461-5655 or 702-325-0682

Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California 949-374-1002 or 949-429-1474

Las Vegas Doberman and Dachshund Rescue 702-596-9293

English Springer Rescue America 702-658-1495 or 702-300-2808 or 520-568-0720

French Bulldog Rescue Network

German Shepherd Rescue of Las Vegas 775-910-1640 or 702-279-2934

Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada 702-598-4653 or 702-413-5430

Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California 909-887-8201

Greyhound Pets of America — Southern Nevada 702-360-6390 or 702-392-5822

Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club and Rescue 702-327-5015 or 702-373-3309

Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation 702-518-4422

Southern California Keeshond Rescue 702-528-1492 or 805-527-4096

Love A Bull Rescue (English Bulldog) 702-280-1777 or 702-768-6048

Friends of Rescued Mastiffs 702-415-4547 or 407-782-8228

Internet Miniature Pinscher Service (IMPS) 702-564-6510 or 373-6603

Old English Sheepdog Rescue 310-392-3366 or 702-498-0416

Papillon Club of America Rescue 928-607-4967

Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption 702-873-3480 or 702-325-3480

Poodle Club of Las Vegas 702-361-5349

4 Paws Rescue (Rottweiler) 775-751-2851 or 775-751-6081

Senior Spaniel Rescue 702-300-2808

Southern Nevada Pug Rescue 702-883-0740 or 702-824-2800

Scottish Terrier Rescue of Southern California 702-677-0314 or 714-893-5821

Shetland Sheepdog Club of Southern Nevada 702-564-6963

Small Paws Rescue (Bichon Frise) 702-837-6197 or 702-378-2752

Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation 702-896-1049

Southwest Collie Rescue (Sheltie & Collie) 602-525-3313 or 480-507-7996

Vegas Pig Pets 702-813-4543

Las Vegas Weimaraner Club and Rescue 702-280-6946

Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond 702-677-0314
All Breed Rescues or Shelters

D.A.W.G. 805-681-0561

Foreclosed Upon Pets 702-272-0010 or 702-349-9214

Gingers Pet Rescue 206-542-3888

Heaven Can Wait 702-227-5555

Las Vegas Humane Society 702-434-2009

Nevada SPCA 702-873-7722

Best Friends (UT) 435-634-2001

Desert Tortoise Rescue 702-488-9422

Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary 702-645-4224

Hyacinth Preservation Society (Birds) 775-297-2906


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    Powered by Leaflet — Terms
    SNICKERS is a 10 year old multi colored cat shes very petite has a kink on the end of her tail. Not an out door cat. She’s very sweet ive had her since birth. Has a collar with tags on it but numbers on tag are bad. Please call me if you find her @ 702-340-1876 or 714-269-1488. Thank you so much.
    SHADOW PEAK at CHEYENNE (google map) (yahoo map)

  2. lost my puppy GRAY PITBULL WITH A WHITE CIRCLE ON HIS CHEST i miss him i need him back please if seen him our possible have him return i will make a good offer his 5 MONTHS OLD NAMED POPEYE lost him around 89102 area on arville and sahara , arville and okaey ive been looking for everywhere i just cant give up on him. please ! contact me 7026295439 1900 FONTENELLE ST

  3. my cat went missing on night and shes been gone for three weeks please help find her she is a siamese cat she is black/brown and white with a peach strip on her nose.( Palm gardens las vegas 89122) please call me at 435 531 3511

  4. My dog puppy is lost :(((
    Last seen on 2/11/2014
    She brown and she a pug mix please call me if you need more info
    310 621 2976
    She got lost around this area
    Russell Rd. and S. Decatur Blvd
    And her name puppy she very sweet and does not bite

  5. missing young cat named thunder is a maine coon mix last seen in the 89147 area of Tropicana and ft. apache in the ft. apache apts please call and leave a message with my sister at 702 764 3391 was last seen 2/18/2014 I miss him so much and would like to get him back if you have him please return him he is an indoor cat he is mostly white with tan, and grey markings he is nice and friendly thank you for your help

  6. lost a small black pomeranian in between jones and rainbow on winmill within the last 24hrs cash reward if returned home safely please call 702 203 5073

  7. Lost Beagle/Bassett Hound mix yesterday evening in Mountains Edge area. Please call if you have any info. 7028126491
    Small to medium size light brown and white mix.

  8. Lost my French Bulldog last night around 10… He got out somehow. He is two years old, cream colored and answers to Mack or Monkey. Cross streets Vegas and Tenaya. Please help bring him home safely…. Been searching for him all night and day. I hope there is still good hearted, decent human beings in this world and will do the right thing. Alithomsen@gmail.com

  9. Dave.
    We have lost 1 1/2 yr old large shepherd great Dane in the Grand Canyon/Ann rd area..huge ears… tan and black mostly shepherd colors.
    His name is jack. Has collar and tags. and choker chain.
    702 577 7567 thank you, my kids really miss him.

  10. Lost brown and white Boston Terrior. Her name is LUX. She is chipped. lost in the Marycrest area. Oakey/St Louis and 17th. Please call 714 496 1983

  11. Lost our 4 yr old spayed female blue and white pitbulll 5/9. Last seen around commerce and Washburn. She has a white strip on face looks like a music note and nose is half pink. We miss her dearly! 702-682-3199

  12. LOST FEMALE BLACK CAT with white on chest! Small, 4 years old. Just moved to the area from out of state about 2 months ago, she is still getting used to the area, not used to this heat at all! Please help her get back to her family!!! She responds to Lucy! PLEASE TEXT/CALL WITH ANY INFORMATION!! 360-262-4040 Lost in Centennial Hills around N Durango Dr & Dorrell Ln

  13. 7/5/2014 Found a male black small dog with a little white has a colar with a dog bone and says he is loved. Found by Buffalo between Smoke Ranch and Cheyenne. text me 702-596-9160 if this is your dog, as i have three females and can’t keep him. Next weekend i will try to place him in a no kill shelter if that doesn’t work i will have no choice except to bring him to lied or if someone would like to take him as their own ?

  14. he looks like a terrier ? He is wearing a collar if this is your dog you would know the collar. I have also posted pictures on my face book (cindy guadagno)

  15. Found. Grey skinny cat has lion cut friendly guy hes lost and cant find his way home please help him its hot outside. Found in copperhead trails. S las vegas

  16. Lost My cat, Name:Miyagi (mee-yah-ghee) Male, He is an american shorthair, he is multi colored, black brown grey, and sort of looks like a tabby cat, I lost him near whitney ranch and stephanie st, if you find him, please call 702-436-1473
    Thank you

  17. Lost a small brown and black chihuahua mix. Her name is Lucy, she’s wearing a pink collar with tags on it. She is 6 years old. She was lost on Eastern and Reunion. Please call (702)539-6108 if you have seen her, or found her! Thank you so much, my family really misses her.

  18. Lost my small brown and black chihuahua mix, two days ago (9/3/14). She answers to the name Lucy. She is wearing a pink collar with tags on it. She was lost in the Eastern and Reunion Area (Anthem). Please call 702-539-6108 if you have seen her or have any information! My family misses her so much! Thank you.

  19. I recently found a grey tabby female cat who’s missing a bottom left canine. She’s very friendly and I’m trying to find her family. I found her at at elkhorn and cimmaron. Please reply if this sounds like your cat.

  20. Missing my Shiba Inu. She is an 8 year old black & tan shiba inu named Kiba. She has been missing since Sunday 10/5 around 12pm. If you aren’t familiar with the breed she looks like a little mini black/tan husky. She is shy and skiddish but loves car rides. Please contact me at 702-353-9767 with any information. Thanks so much!

  21. Black female kitty named Jukie,spayed, about ten years old, white chest,paws,and spot on nose. Went out last Thursday a week ago and hasnt been home since. Westcliff and Tenaya area. Call 702~609~5183 PLEASE!!

  22. Missing since June 1; Sinatra, Black FEMALE Lab/Ret. She is friendly, loves to hold paws/hands, very sweet, clean teeth, rough patches by the joints on the front legs. She loves to play ball and is being missed by her owners. She is OUR CHILD! Please, please return if found. She is MIRCO CHIP with Home Again.

  23. My dog went missing in the summerlin area by bishop Gorman high school. It’s a black and white, Maltese/poodle mix. If found please contact me! Thanks you! 702-523-9810. Missing since 6/8/15

  24. Lost my puppy Sunday 3/6/16 around 3pm near Buffalo and Viking area. Answers to the name “Cheech”. He is very small, light brown / tan color. The left side under his arm is shaved and darker color from surgery/ He was not wearing the cone when he went missing! Please help him get home safely. $100 Reward. Any info please call or text 702-544-0255 or 702-752-0039

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