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If you find any additional wheelchair companies or
would like to list a wheelchair for loan or sale please contact us.


3 comments on “PET WHEELCHAIRS

  1. Howdy, I am in Las Vegas and my service dogs hind legs quit working on him Friday night, I was going to put him to sleep but he looks as if he is moving around ok and seems to be in good spirits, so was thinking of trying a dog wheelchair with him. He’s big, around 100 pounds. Do you know of a place in Las Vegas where I could get one reasonably?

  2. Hi I recently found a cat who was shot by a bb gun and left paralyzed in our neighborhood. So my family and i took him in and rushed him to several vets that told us he won’t make it. Luckily we found a good doctor who told us he will make it, but will never be able to use his back legs again. I was wondering if you know of any place here in Vegas that sells small animal wheelchairs or a harness to walk him?

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