Fostering can be a wonderful way to help an animal, rescue, shelter, your community, & your family.  It is also a great way to see if a particular pet is right for your family.

Local Animal Rescue Organizations receive calls everyday from people that are unable to care for their pets any longer.  Sometimes they are able to keep their pets while a Animal Rescue group tries to find a new forever home for the pet.  Other times the owners only have hours or days until they must relinquish their pet.  Animal Rescue Groups have to be prepared with loving foster families to help the transition for these animals.  You can help by Fostering or passing the word about fostering programs.

We now have a foster application that you can complete and V.A.R. will distribute to the Local Animal Rescue Organization (s) of your choice. Foster Application

More Information on fostering:

Proud Foster Mom


Military Fostering Programs


5 comments on “FOSTERING

  1. Hello,
    I have a family member who needs to move in with me for a few months and he cannot bring his 3 cats where I live. I’m trying to find out if there is any foster services in Vegas. He should get into a place of his own within 2-3 months and then he can take them back. We can provide the food, litter, beds, etc., we just need someone to house them. They are spayed/neutered and have all their shots. Is there any resources for this?

  2. Hi I am looking to foster I downloaded your PDF but it won’t let me fill it out can you please contact me I live in Vegas

  3. I would love to foster, I have been fostering for LVBR. I can’t see the PDF so if you would like to contact me I would appreciate it

  4. We are in need of someone to care for our 2 happy, healthy cats for a few weeks! (In-their-home). We are willing to pay for the help! If you’re a cat lover and would be interested in opening your home to the 2 affectionate little guys, please give me a call.

  5. My son lives in North Las Vegas, he moved there 2yrs ago, due to his job. He is originally from Arizona. There was a fire at the house he was renting a week ago. Now his two dogs the only family he has down there is displaced. My son moved in with a friend until he can find a new house. Only his friend lives in a condo with a very small yard and a HOA. Can someone out there please help. He may have to end up giving up his pets. Is there someone that can foster the dogs for a short while provisions will be provided.

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