2 comments on “PET INFORMATION

  1. Animal Foundation Calamity of Errors, adopted instead of euthanized…WE ARE DEVASTATED!
    It’s a nightmare! Simone is sick, we wanted to euthanize her to give her peace…she was brought to the Animal Foundation. They were told we wanted her euthanized. They accepted her and were reassuring about the procedure and said she would be put to rest. We were still grieving for this very special family dog, and woke up three days later, by sheer chance and saw her for adoption on the Second Chance Animal Shelter website. We were in shock! We ARE in shock! There are so many blunders and careless mistakes in this story, sometimes it’s hard to believe it was an accident. We were desperate to tell these people there must have been a mistake. This is our dog, we want her back, she is sick and should not be adopted out…They ignored us. They profiled us as dog abusers and said we just dumped her. It has been about two months. They will not answer my emails or messages. They will not acknowledge us at all. They say we gave up our rights, but, that was the fiasco that started from the beginning.

    I found a picture of Simone today, she is a mere shadow of her former self. Due to her illness, she is so skinny, most of her weight loss happened before the eyes of these rescuers, and they STILL heartlessly have her up for ADOPTION ignoring our pleas to just give her back. We lost our dear pet, who has a special story of her own, our rights due to negligence and now we have to watch our dogs suffer which is something we did not want for her.

    • I hate to hear these types of stories but have to say that you and your family decided to take the easy way out. Instead of taking her back to your Vet (who I’m guessing you visited to confirm her illness), you turned her in to the Animal Foundation to keep from paying for her euthanization. You left her there to die in the arms of strangers instead of being with her, the family she knew and loved, when she passed. Now, you and the rescue who took her are allowing her to suffer. Maybe what you should tell here is what her illness is so at least the rescue group knows her history and can determine the next “right” steps to take in the best interest of Simone’s quality of life.

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